<aside> 💭 The world of diversity and inclusion is full of jargon and acronyms. At Fair HQ, we want to dispel D&I myths and approach D&I topics with simplicity and clarity.

To embed D&I across your company, everyone needs to be part of the conversation. Understanding the language and finding the right words is an essential part of opening up discussions. Language is constantly evolving, so this is a living document which we'll update regularly.


@George Obolo @Ruby Dark let's start with the most important terms and add over time. I added a priority tag, feel free to amend! Take a look at these glossaries/lexicons we already put together for inspiration, especially around key terms to include: https://www.notion.so/fairhq/Build-an-inclusive-language-guide-for-the-team-aa29b09d3f644af0afe66f2fc5cb7f28#11783e983d5c4dcf927bb0b564dd38ae

<aside> 📚 INSPIRATION: A Fair HQ selection of glossaries and definitions